Life in Costa Blanca: Alicante food and wine

Alicante is filled with unique landscapes, endless beaches and delicious food and drink. Here, you can make unforgettable memories and have experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Visit Alicante, and let us show you why you’ll never want to leave!

The gastronomy of Alicante is based on two fundamental pillars—the sea and the land, where almost all ingredients come from in the Region of Valencia. You can taste the variety and vitality of its landscapes in each of its dishes, all of which are a testament to the tradition, careful attention and seasonal produce the destination is known for.

Every pantry in Alicante has salted fish, an ingredient used in typical dishes like pericana—which is usually made with cod, ñoras or dried peppers, garlic and olive oil. It used to be a popular dish amongst farmers and ranchers, who worked long days and needed something easy to make for dinner.

Many call Alicante “The City of Rice,» as that’s the dish the destination is most known for. In fact, go to any restaurant in Alicante and you’ll find a wide variety of plates with rice as the main ingredient.

Don’t believe us about Alicante food and wine? Hear it straight from the professionals. Ferran Adrià, a popular chef, says: «Alicante has something special; it’s like it has an elf who takes over the ingredients and sneaks into kitchens to offer diners unique dishes with unique flavors.» Alicante has become one of the top destinations in Spain for food and wine tourism.

Along with rice, borreta is another popular and a traditional example of gastronomy in Alicante. It’s made in a pot with potatoes, flaked cod, dried ñoras or peppers, spinach, salt and olive oil. While there are many variations of boretta, to finish the recipe, whoever is cooking always adds several eggs to the pot.

For years, the gastronomy of Alicante has been alive and well in family kitchens, where traditional, local dishes made with ingredients from both the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea keep the area’s essence intact. Tour the city by trying the nuances of its many dishes and experience its range of flavours. Pair it all with Denomination of Origin of Alicante wines and trust us: you’ll be craving it again in no time.

Alicante food and wine are just two treasures of the destination. Savour all Alicante has to offer, and then go out and explore beautiful Costa Blanca. With its 200 kilometres of beaches, tranquil coves, tons of water sports and more, this is one part of Spain you won’t forget. Is your mouth watering yet? Come discover Alicante!


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adminLife in Costa Blanca: Alicante food and wine